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The Stories of Fodi

Aimless Driving

The title of the series pretty much says it all. Steve and Matt drive around aimlessly, ending with Matt finding out about the surprise Steve left in the trunk.

The New Girl

Matt draws a character which magically comes to life.

Morality and Beer

Steve takes Lara to the bar to teach her about justice and morality.

A Brief Theory of Time

Matt creates a time machine which he and Steve use to go through time, needing to be pulled out of time by Lara after the car runs out of gas.

Filler and Extras

Like the name says.

Days Inside Life

A short set of various strange daily occurances that affect the cast members.

Reality TV

Steve, Matt, and Lara watch a reality show called Trading Cases. Steve and Matt then receive a call asking them to be on what they think is American Idol. They turn out to be wrong. After losing to a dead girl, Matt and Steve are offered a spot on Survivor, but instead of accepting, they kill the executive producer of the show, winning $1 million.

How to Waste a Million Bucks

Steve, Matt, and Lara decide to register a domain name - - only to find out that it is already taken by a clan of ancient, balding warriors. The bald ninjas sell Steve and Matt their business. Steve spends all their money on a microbrewery.

Visions (Another Theory of Time)

Lara is visited by a voice in her head and decides that Steve and Matt must pay for what they've done. Matt takes a tow truck so he can turn it into a time machine in order to go back in time to retrieve the other time machine.

She's an Angel

Steve goes to a dog show and meets a girl who he falls in love with.

Unlikely Events

Steve, Matt, and Angela run from Lara, and encounter Sally Walgins. They end up at a convention where they plan a new video game. Steve gets them kicked out, but not before Lara finds them.


Steve and Matt agree to let Lara continue living with them as long as she adheres to a set of rules. Steve and Matt go out to get sushi and end up running into a member of the bald ninja clan, who gives Steve a sword. When they get back, Matt finds a pendant in one of his drawers. Lara once again makes the decision to kill Steve and Matt and a showdown occurs.

Fillippe Belliard

This is the tale of the famous Fillippe Belliard that tried to conquer Latvia.

For Fun and Prophet

Steve and Matt decide to put Lara on display to the public in order to make money, but are unable to come up with a marketing technique. They are interrupted by Bill Mulligan, who brings them a warning.

Lust and Discovery

Steve and Angela go on a date while Matt and Sally hang out. Matt finds Lara in the basement and finds out that Angela is not what she seems. They then go to save Steve.

Seeking Inquiry (Dr. Slaughter)

Steve, Matt, and Lara go to find Sally and then try to find out who made Lara want to kill Steve and Matt, as well as why that person sent a demon after Steve.


Matt makes some observations about married life.

Satis Corp

Matt and crew infiltrate the mysterious Satis Corp that holds Sally captive. Aong the way they battle a familiar face and meet their dark adversary in a final showdown!


It's a zombie outbreak! To escape Satis Corp, the cast must first get past a zombie army.

7 Nights of Boredom

Matt and Steve develop a new product and discover a giant robot over the course of seven nights.


Matt creates a shapechanging formula that leads Lara to enter her breasts into the presidential election. When strange things happen, the group must fix things before it's too late.

A Forgettable Prelude

Steve's hand drawn attempt at doing foreshadowing to a story he'll never get around to telling anyways.

Jonathan Godot

This is what happens to blasphemers.

Game Talk

Matt was just addicted to Sims 2 a teeny bit.


Matt is kidnapped and impregnated.


The evil, yet fun, beverage. With a spicy kick.


A series about Legend of the Red Dragon. (

A Bald-Faced Quest

The Bald Ninjas seek to aid Matt and Steve by finding their friend.


Stuff happens. Beer is involved.

Guest Comicfest 2005

A time for other people draw fodi comcs. You know. For fun.

Tales From A Sketchbook

A collection of little doodle comics and various other things from Matt's sketchbook.

Life With a Brew

A story of a few friends and what happens wen reality isn't so realistic.

College Bound

A tale of three friends as they help young Zita explore her college options.

Tour de Geek

Zita checks out RIT in preparation for her college stay. Wacky adventures ensue.

Beer Factor

Matt and Steve return to reality television to continue their fame and glory. Or perhaps just to defeat the monster of boredom. Will they win again?


The sporadic series where we stick filler strips and various extra non-canon comics.

Summer Session

The chronicles of Zita's life during the summer session of her first experiences at college.


Matt inherits control of a corporation and begins a new role as an important businessman.


When mysterious dreams start invading his sleep, Steve seeks out their possible implications.

Lost and Found

A disappearence and a mysterious fire leads Matt to discover a suspicious lab buried within ZMB's acquisitions. Meanwhile Steve discovers a woman from his past may not be dead.


Mysterious employee transfers lead Matt and Melinda to uncover a strange lab in a deserted town; a town with a deadly secret. Meanwhile Steve discovers that he must find a once-thought dead person from his past and uncover the truth behind the mysterious girl who pulls him into the dream world.


Matt and Steve learn that there are secrets in the past which they must uncover. Using Matt's rebuilt time machine they head back into the unknown. Or do they?


Susan tries to teach lara how to go and and have fun, with an emphasis on engaging the opposite sex. With her lack of social skills, will the man she picks up be friend or foe?

Rose Glasses

In the future, Matt and Steve learn that they are the cause of the world's collapse and the rise of an apparently evil dictatorship, narrowly escaping, they return to find that Lara's new squeeze has kidnapped her. Will this view of the possible future taint their outlook and guide their actions astray in the present?

The Plot Thickens

In this series, we learn how to make a nice plot sauce from common household ingredients.

Then There Were Three

Matt and Steve make a discovery about Lara's location that causes them great worry. Will they find her intact?

Searching for Shadows

Matt and Steve set off to search for Lara. When Steve finds someone he doesn't expect, a chain reaction of tragedy will begin.


While Steve and Angela go further into the ruins, Lara tries to plan an escape while Matt searches for her... in the wrong place.

Untold Secrets

Well, untold until this series is done, anyway.

Shambling Zombie, Captive Angel

I'll think up a witty series summary when you make me a sammich.

Home for the Horrordays

Zita and gang head for Matt's for the Holidays, where things go horribly, horribly wrong.

Aftermaths and Intermissions

And now, back to Steve...

For Science

Zita and Linda try to advance the late Dr. Barkley...

High Rising

Matt and Melinda try to find out what Masterdam is up to by pretending to be urban ninja.


When Linda accidentally creates sentient pancakes, they college crew has to call in the big guns.

The Great Cheese Conspiracy

Can Matt and Lara thwart a nefarious plan to take over the word using cheese?


Matt investigates the mysterious meatstick device to determine its abilities while Steve and Lara try to discover the extents of their magical abilities.

Sadness is its Own Medicine

Zita tries to spy on Linda's activities, but finds out something she was not meant to know.

Trade Wars

What evil lurks in the hearts of the ZMB Corporation? How will Matt thwart the enemies in his midst?

Three People and a Couch

Matt, Steve and Lara pass time while their electrically wizardry works its magic.

Suddenly... Devices!

The device-finding software begins to return some results, but is it just a trap to lure them in?




The gang watches the film reel they recovered two series ago.

Trade Wars, Part 2

Masterdam strikes back as he tries to discredit Matt's new branch of ZMB.

Three Cheers for Knowledge

Steve and Lara seek to unlock more of her hidden knowledge. Will they succeed? Or will the path they follow lead only to more questions?

Summer Guest Week 2011

Matt suckers other people to draw comics for him so he can go on vacation.

Three Turns Should Do

It\'s the end of the semester! How did Lnida do so well?

Trade Wars, Part 3

The third installment, y'all.


Zita, Linda, and Ken go on an adventure!